Why Business Owners Need to Prioritize Listening to Podcasts

Whether you are running a successful business and seeking further expansion or trying to figure out the next path in your career, you need to insert yourself into the larger conversation. In today’s digital age, making connections is essential to the success of any business. Oftentimes, business owners are so hyper-focused on increasing sales and profit margins, they forget the most imminent tool to doing so: establishing relationships with their customers and competition.

Podcasts offer a global perspective on how events, like the Covid-19 pandemic, will affect different industries. Featuring interviews with a variety of CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs, these episodic series of downloadable audio discussions grant individuals on the go access to a variety of world-wide conversations, including business strategies and expansion tools.

  1. Insight on new trends. Podcasts provide insight on new trends from top-tier business owners and thought leaders to hustling entrepreneurs trying to find their niche. They provide a conversational outlet across business, where listeners can hear different perspectives with thoughts on innovation, and how authority and decision making differ through different cultures, at the touch of a button.
  2. Learn from the mistakes and rebounds of industry success stories. These conversations are often between the leaders of major brands and organizations – i.e, Vitamin Water, Goldman Sachs, Google, etc. who detail their own failures and regrets, how they’ve rebounded, and where they’ve succeeded.
  3. Be a fly on the wall to one on one conversations. The recordings of podcasts are conversational, making guests feel more comfortable, and less robotic, than with other types of media and interviews. They are welcomed to tell the real stories behind big competitors like Nike & Adidas, Netflix & Blockbuster, and Sony & Nintendo. It is a way to learn about the behind-closed-scenes aspects of major companies around the world and then apply to your own company culture.

Podcasts led by consultants and industry leaders often dive into all of the common questions one will have when starting their own business and taking it off the ground. Episodes are packed full of inspiration, valuable advice, and applicable tips from the beginning stages of brand development to the later of changing your company’s overall course.

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