Should Your Business Start a Podcast?

Starting a podcast will expand your audience to help you find new business. Podcasts can help in building familiarity with a wide range of audiences. Listeners usually subscribe to the series and listen regularly, so it is important to keep up with a consistent podcasting schedule. As long as the audio series remains consistent, your audience is quite likely to keep listening. Your audience may then recommend the podcast series to others; thus, increasing website traffic and your audience reach considerably.

A podcast will only help if your discussions allow you to build an effective relationship with the listeners. People listen to podcasts for a variety of reasons, but the listeners that will return for future episodes are listening for one of two reasons: they have something in common with the speaker, or the brand the speaker is representing; or they are seeking valuable advice for a trusted speaker.

Creating a podcast does not involve the Hollywood production team one might assume. The equipment required is reasonably priced and easy to find in stores or order online. All you really need to get started is a quality microphone and a set of headphones. The editing software for a beginner’s level podcast is typically free and quite simple to operate. Last but not least, an excellent WiFi connection is absolutely necessary for clear audio recordings and uploading the files to your website or streaming platform.

The internet – our social media feeds, specifically – are overflowing with an ample amount of written content. Podcasts put an end to the monotony of scrolling through ads and posts online and provide customers and potential clients with resourceful information that they can listen to and more importantly, engage with on a more personal level. Anyone can share an article or comment on a photo; but to engage in a live discussion holds one’s attention and will actually stimulate one’s mind – subject to the topic at hand, of course. Lastly, podcasts grant speakers the ability to convey a message in a highly interactive way, which is something by which written content just can not compete.

Hosting podcasts will also help with overcoming stage-fright, as you develop confidence speaking on-air, before having to go in-person, or on-camera, if need be. You will begin to develop a natural ease for speaking and the conversations will flow accordingly. In addition to that, you could also receive ample public speaking opportunities; wherein, you can promote your business to an even larger audience.

You will not be the first to create a podcast in your industry; however, you will expand your audience and client reach, increase your overall online presence, and work towards building authority for your company. Become the go-to person for advice in your industry and start a podcast.

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